Our Wines

Our Wines

Currently, we have the following wines available for purchase:

Creemore Hills Estate Rosé 2020

From a small batch harvested in September 2020. A blend of LaCrescent, Frontenac and Gamay Noir.

A refreshing delicious aroma of citrus, apricot, lemon, and light summer berry. The palate is fresh strawberries, lemon, apricot and citrus. This Rosé is light and refreshing with pasta, salads, chicken and seafood. 12% alcohol.


Creemore Hills Winery Estate Rosé 2020

Creemore Hills Chardonnay 2020

Unoaked, rich, and refreshing.

Notes of yellow apple, custard, soft ripe pear on the nose. A smooth, silky palate with crisp citrus, pear and spice. Excellent with shellfish, salmon or with a flaky white fish. 12.5% alcohol.

Creemore Hills Winery Chardonnay 2020

Creemore Hills Gamay Rosé 2020

Bright and cheery rosé with a clear hue.

This French-style pale Rosé is a fresh summer wine with aromas of summer strawberries, cherry, lemonade, with a hint of candy floss. The palate is luscious red fruit, watermelon, rhubarb and pink grapefruit. Pairs well with seafood and chicken. A beautiful summer wine. 12% alcohol.

Creemore Hills Winery Gamay Rosé 2020

Creemore Hills Riesling 2020

Fresh and versatile.

This Riesling is aromatic with a flowery, almost perfumed scent. The elevated acidity makes for a food-friendly and age-worthy wine. The nuances of lemon and lime add a lovely freshness. This Riesling would pair well with seared fish or steamed mussels with wild leeks. 12.5% alcohol.

Creemore Hills Winery Riesling 2020

Creemore Hills Meritage 2020

Medium bodied, blended red wine (Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot).

Flavours are predominately blackberry and black cherries. The nose is light red fruit with a velvety finish. 

Pairs beautifully with a Moroccan Lamb Stew. 12.5% alcohol.

Creemore Hills Meritage 2020

Creemore Hills Pét-nat 2020

The world’s trendiest wine.

Crafted using the ancestral method (bottled before primary fermentation is finished) without adding secondary sugars or yeasts. 

This wine completes its fermentation process in the bottle. The result is a lovely, rustic, sparkling, fruity wine. 

A fantastic spring/summer sparkling white wine. 12.5% alcohol.


Creemore Hills Chardonnay 2017

Medium bodied with rich aromas of peach, apple and apricot.

Aged 18 months in French oak to provide a subtle oak flavour and a golden hue.

This Chardonnay is a well-balanced, refreshing white wine with 13.5% alcohol.

Chardonnay 2017

Creemore Hills Field Blend Red 2019

Full bodied, blended red wine (Marquette, St. Croix and Frontenac).

Flavours are predominately dark berries and currants. 

Nose is plum and raspberry with a peppery note on the finish with a relatively low alcohol (11.17%).

Field Blend Red 2019

Creemore Hills Field Blend White 2019

Medium bodied, blended white wine (LaCrescent, Frontenac Gris).

Golden hue, apricot, pineapple, citrusy flavours.

Pear and apple nose.

Well balanced.

Complex white wine. 12.8% alcohol.

Field Blend White 2019

Creemore Hills Marquette 2017

Light bodied red wine with aromas of cherries, blackberries and black currants.

This wine has a spicy pepper note on the finish. 12.5% alcohol.


Marquette 2017
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